Aieesha Charles.

Aieesha Charles has a beautifully smooth voice. Known as ‘Sweetz’ to her closest, she is a West London born twenty-something with an ambition to have her voice heard. Singing and writing from the heart, she shows us raw and brand new material that aches with emotion. ‘Changes’ has a pop-R&B feel, and captures the structure of an accessible song perfectly. Talent runs in her family, and I know she has more under her belt. Check it out.


Duncan Gerow – FE20 Mix // Free Download

Duncan Gerow is the master of mashups, we’ve featured his music on First Ear a couple of times before and he’s one that we always have an eye on. He’s currently working on a new EP, but has taken some time out from that to put together this beautiful R&B mashup mix for us. Listen and grab the free download.



Tracklist //

rook milo – bodyrol
rihanna- pour it up
shlohmo & jeremih- bo peep
playa- birthday
iman omari- the beach (inst)
whitney houston- it’s not right but it’s ok
esta- no one but you (i get lonely)
ciara- get up
tommy black- inside the space capsule
ginuwine- differences
evil needle- captivate
jeremih- birthday sex
sza- ice moon
tokimonsta ft anderson paak- realla
aldo- ???


Getting to know Malia

LA based songstress Malia presents her self titled début EP, a soulful acoustic release executive produced by Odd Future’s The Internet. We asked Malia a few questions to get to know her a little better…

For someone who hasn’t heard the EP how would you 
describe your sound?  
Acoustic soul, live instrument feel 
How long have you been working on the EP, and what were 
your influences behind the music? 
I worked on the EP for a few months and my influence was 
realizing that I have nothing to be scared of. This project 
represents tremendous growth and happiness for me. 
Which artists did you listen to growing up? 
In my early years it was a lot of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, 
Eric Clapton, Lauryn Hill, N’SYNC, Earth Wind and Fire etc.  
Is there a particular song you are feeling right now?
To be honest I have been so concentrated on getting my own 
music out that I have not had a chance to check anything new, 
but I’ve had Nancy Wilson’s live rendition of Ray Noble’s song, 
‘The Very Thought of You’ on repeat during my commute 
everyday.  Incredible music. 
What is next for Malia? 
I’ll continue to work on music and likely start to do a few 
performances. Overall I’ll just keep creating and doing what 
makes me happy.  

 The best way to really get to know Malia is to listen to her wonderful EP, which is available as a free download below.

Ayla Nereo – Eastern Sun (SassyKittyRemix) // Free Download

Canadian Future Beats producer, Sassy Kitty, who was one of the artists featured on our Birthday EP , First Ear – First Year, recently dropped his latest track, a remix of Ayla Nereo _ Eastern Sun. The smooth chilled future vibe on thie one makes it suchh an addictive listen, so it’s no surprise that it has racked up almost 15,000 plays in 10 days.



EK – Faith // Free Download

EK, Hip Hop artist and Songwriter from Boston, is back with an ethereal love track “Faith” as part of his bi-weekly free track series in anticipation of his EP “Hands Of Time” dropping this Fall!

With the help of a beautiful backdrop provided by Bueffard Mallary, “Faith” becomes a musical reenactment of a romantic relationship. That initial mind-blowing experience of connecting with somebody. And then getting past the honeymoon phase and having to deal with the real life relationship issues.

EK comments “The reality of love is it isn’t easy to fall in love but it’s easier to fall out but all in all love is love. And we ALL need to feel it”. Amen. Feel the love and grab the free download here!


Majid Jordan – A Place Like This EP

Canadian duo Majid Jordan recently released their “A Place Like This” EP this month and it’s truly wonderful. A 5-track EP it is filled with atmospheric soundscapes, intricate drums & percussion, catchy melodies, and to sew it all together haunting vocals that makes the whole experience perfect. This is an EP that can be put on for chill days but in my opinion is best suited for vibes that must be shared intimately in the bedroom. You can go ahead and buy the EP off of Itunes now for £2.99 right here and trust me it’s worth the cost.