Abhi//Dijon – Abhi//Dijon EP // Free Download

Abhi Raju and Dijon Duenas have been creating quite a stir on the net since putting out the R&B influenced track “Twelve” on SoundCloud at the beginning of 2014. The duo then created a follow-up track which was equally as impressive in its arrangement, entitled “Let You Know”. The two tracks affirmed that the singer/producer duo were ones to watch due to the effortless level of quality they exuded.

A few months on and Abhi and Dijon are back with new material, this time with their highly anticipated 4-track self-titled EP. The EP demonstrates the pairs ability to continually create an organic and refined sound. The soft, heart-felt vocals immersed within the warped production results in a refreshing R&B sound, one which I and no doubt many R&B enthusiasts have been craving to hear for a while now. The best part about this is that the entire EP is available as a free download. Relax and rewind as you stream it below, and after you are done, go get your copy here.


Ty Dolla $ign – $ign Language [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Ty Dolla $ign recently came to my attention with his ‘Or Nah’ track featuring Wiz Khalifa, and DJ Mustard (and also from the awesome Stwo remix of The Weeknd’s version of the track).

2014 has already been a big year, with Ty featuring on XXL’s Freshman 2014 list and features such as on Lupe Fiasco’s Next To It, as well as writing “a big chunk” of Chris Brown’s hit ‘Loyal’. Now, he’s dropped a free mixtape, via Dat Piff, featuring big names like Big Sean, Juicy J, Rich Home Quan, and Rick Ross.

The tape has been given support across the board and it was even mentioned in last week’s ‘Mixtape Round-up‘ on FACT mag, along with recently featured Star.One.

$ign Language shows more variation than his previous work, whilst still sticking to the themes often seen in songs of this sort of genre (Read: PMW and girls). I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Ty in the near future and hopefully some cracking remixes to boot.

Stream and download the tape here.


Gravity (ft G-Eazy) by the code

The initial bursts of contorted bubbles synths on the beginning makes us think that we are in music dream like placebut slowly but surely brings us back to reality of riffs of guitar and a strong bassline.

The influence on this Herfordshire production duo of bands such Wekknd or James Blake.  the soft falsetto voice of the singer  fits perfectly here “Make it go where no life no life, No life can escape it, Bring them all in the cold line, So I can be blame, Let go of my dreams, But you’ll find ??? All that’s got me saying uuhhh baby, Turn it on baby, Uuuh baby” these lyrics got me hooked. 

Gravity was originally released six months ago, but now The code remixed and added the rapper G-Easy.

Rapper G-Eazy is flawless here. his flow and lyrics are on point leaving nothing to imagination to why these lyrics are about “Uhm, it’s like I’m here but I’m not, I’m on where my heart appears to be shot”

this song is pure perfection. Simply an ode to dreams.




Star.One elements

Star.One release ‘Elements’ Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Star.One have just released their ‘Elements’ mixtape through Dj Mag, showing their versatility and endless influences – from grime to future beats, jungle and hiphop – each track has it’s own sound and origins and it’s perfect to fill those post-Carnival blues, whatever your tastes are.

Personal highlights include ‘Mystify’ featuring G Frsh & Thabo which was premiered through Pigeons and Planes:

and ‘So Sweet’ premiered via Complex UK.


Fresh from appearances at Reading and Leeds and an upcoming performance on the Reggae Roots stage at Bestival this weekend, Star.One are set to be supplying us with grime and jungle influenced-beats for time to come.

You can stream the whole tape here and download it for free, here.



kuma •ᴥ• & aywy. – intervals (Free Download)

From the ranks of the Flow-Fi roster comes Kuma and aywy. with a new collab track nicely named “intervals.”  The track highlights some great sounds and the diversity and pureness of the song makes the listen complete bliss. The soundscapes in the song are soothing with a great vocal sample and impressive percussion from the start all the way to the end. The piano in the track add a flavor of elegance while the bassline add that extra layer that really fills out the track very nicely. The collab was amazing as expected from the Flow-Fi team and I’m always looking forward for the next release. Download for the song is free but I strongly suggest giving a bit for the track to show support for great work because I know i’m a happy listener. •ᴥ•


Juke Ellington – Rocinha // Free Download

I’m not sure if Juke Ellington went to the favela of “Rocinha” in Brazil and was inspired to make this or what, but whatever happened worked. I’ve heard moombah and twerk get mixed before, but never this much and this well. The Latin vibes are heavy; you literally feel like you are on a beach in South America, surrounded by a million hotties with all the sunshine you could ever ask for. I haven’t been really blown away buy a moombah track in a while, so having this come out is mad refreshing. It’s also free, so keep the summer vibes going with this baby.

Free Download